Removing wires after bunion surgery


Removing fixation wires after bunion surgery

Watch the video below as Sheldon H Nadal, DPM shows the process:


This lovely young lady had her bunion surgery done twenty days ago.  It will be three weeks tomorrow.  And one of the most common questions people ask me is “will my bunion come back?”The answer is: if you just remove the bump, it will come back.  So we also cut through the bone and make it straighter and realign it and that’s what helps to prevent recurrence. What I often do when I’ve cut through the bone to make it straighter with the bunion procedure is I put in two small wires to help hold it in place.  I remove the wires usually around day twenty or day twenty-one, which is today.  And then we will follow this up by continuing to tape the foot for a total of six weeks from surgery.  A total of six weeks after surgery. So after today, it’ll be taped up for three more weeks.  Today, we’re gonna remove the wires, and people say “will it hurt?” And the answer is: usually people feel very little. So we’ll find out today how it works out.  First, I’ll just take off the knob. And you can see it slides out fairly easily.  That’s one.  That’s what it looked like. Now I’ll do the other one.  And that came out really nice and easily.  Our lovely young patient didn’t scream, so I have to assume it didn’t hurt very much.  And then we have these two little holes which will fill in.  This is where I made – I did most of the surgery, and I did a little more work here and here to make the big toe straighter.  And that’s it! Three weeks postoperative.  Okay, so we’ve taken out the wires and we’ve changed the dressing and this is what it looks like.  Less than three weeks after surgery.  A lot of people will get some bruising, that goes away.  Bump is gone, toes look nice and straight, we’re very happy.