Redressing Following Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery


How to dress the wound after surgery? Watch the video below from Sheldon Nadal DPM.

The young lady was treated for her bunion approximately three weeks ago. the video shows how to do a redressing.  The little blue areas are the tiny incisions. the doctor redresses by placing a little bit of gauze over the area, then wraps it, holding the toe straight.  The lady does have some swelling but that’s quite normal, but really, not much swelling compared to regular surgery. He puts some tape on the foot so it helps to hold everything in place.  And people want to know what keeps the bunion from coming back. Well, the tight taping helps to hold the bone in place and that’s what helps to keep everything from – that’s what helps to keep the bunion from coming back. You need to remember they surgeons don’t just remove the bump, but they also cut through the bone and re-align the bone to help prevent recurrence. Taping the toe and the foot snugly for six weeks allows the toe and the bunion to heal in a proper position so it’s unlikely to come back.  It won’t look swollen once it’s healed because the shoe will push the toe over a little bit and make it look more natural.  Finally, the dressing is covered with a nice elastic tape so that it doesn’t unravel.

The patient needs to continue to do her range of motion exercises. the surgeon also leaves little marks so she knows how to do it. The dressing is changed once a week for five weeks.  On the sixth week, the patient can take the dressing off at home by herself. Then the surgeon will examine her once every three months for a year to make sure everything’s okay. That is basically how the bunion surgery dressing and recovery time goes through.