Lapidus Bunionectomy


Lapidus Bunionectomy Overview:

This surgery involves an incision on the big toe for removing the soft tissues and bone. This process helps in restoring normal alignment to the joint. The surgery normally takes 2 to 3 hours to complete and the recovery time is usually 6-10 weeks.

lapidus bunionectomy

Procedure Details: Lapidus Bunionectomy

  • The objective of Lapidus bunionectomy is to move the metatarsal bone back to its original place on the foot – This procedure involves restoring the natural position of big toe joint
  • This is achieved by relocating the mis-aligned metatarsal back to its correct position
  • Usually performed with a bone mending procedure of two bones at the instep
  • The instability of the bone joints will gradually allow the joint to loosen over time, leading to more bunions – this is avoided using lapidus bunionectomy.
  • The lapidus procedure realigns the metatarsal joint at the mid-foot – surgical screws hold the joints together
  • Better stability in the arch leads to improved foot alignment and function.

Why The Lapidus Bunionectomy Is The Best Procedure For Severe Bunions

The following piece from podiatrytoday magazine says why:

While the Lapidus is ideal for large bunions by correcting the entire
alignment of the first ray, surgeons (and patients for that matter) have
previously chosen other bunionectomies purely for the ability to
mobilize postoperatively. In the past several years, literature has
emerged that demonstrates that Lapidus bunionectomy patients can
ambulate after their surgery while achieving healing rates equivalent
(or superior) to other procedures.

Lapidus bunionectomy recovery:

Usually takes about 6-10 weeks to recover but this differs from patient to patient. The actual surgery will take approximately two hours. You will most likely have general anesthesia. Anesthesia will determine how long you remain in the recovery room. Before you leave the hospital, you will need to show that you can tolerate food and liquids and able to urinate. You will also need to be trained on the use of crutches. In general, you will be ready to leave 1-2 hours following the lapidus bunionectomy surgery.